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Matthew Meador, Editor

Featured in a variety of publications, Matt Meador is a food and beverage writer who highlights the bountiful drink and dining options found throughout Oregon. A big guy who likes big wines and even bigger brews, Matt was delighted to discover he could actually get paid to eat and drink — two activities he was going to do anyway. Matt likes to celebrate the power food and drink have to bring us together, writing with honesty and humor — and plenty of em dashes.

Erica Tiffany-Brown

Erica Tiffany-Brown is a taster tray aficionado who enjoys earning badges on Untappd when not busy contributing to this awesome publication. Random obsessions include: cuddling with cats, listening to hip-hop music, watching Bravo and reminiscing about all things ‘90s (well, except mullets). Email Erica beer events for our calendar: social@oregonbeergrowler.com.

Anthony St. Clair

Anthony St. Clair is a Eugene-based beer writer, globetrotter, and author of the Rucksack Universe fantasy series, possibly the only books where beer is a major character. Learn more at anthonystclair.com.

Dustin Gouker

Dustin Gouker is a writer and editor, including a stop at The Washington Post. Now living in Bend, he's a craft-brew convert.

Aaron Brussat

Aaron Brussat is a former beer steward at The Bier Stein, a beer writer and a homebrewer among other things. He enjoys finding perfect but simple beer pairings. His friends know that if a beer label says kolsch, it better taste like a kolsch. He believes humor belongs in beer. 

Kris McDowell

Kris McDowell is a longtime craft beer lover and sales rep for Alebriated Distribution. She also does local media/PR work and authors a beer blog, Beer Musings PDX.

Patty Mamula

Patty Mamula has been a writer and photographer in Oregon for many years. She can be reached at pattymamula@gmail.com.

Jon Abernathy

Jon Abernathy wrote Bend Beer: A History of Brewing in Central Oregon, and has been blogging about craft beer for more than a decade and drinking and homebrewing it for far longer. In 2004, Jon launched “The Brew Site,” a blog dedicated to all things beer and brewing. The blog has gone on to become the longest-running American beer blog and has documented the change and rapid growth that has characterized the Bend and Central Oregon brewing scene. You can visit “The Brew Site” at www.thebrewsite.com.

Michael H. Kew

Michael H. Kew, 42, is a worldwide editorial freelancer who first became involved in beer media when he was 19, the same age he first homebrewed. He lives in Brookings. Visit his Instagram @michael.kew or michaelkew.com.

Chris Jennings

Sun Sign - Aquarius

Moon Sign - Aquarius

Chinese Zodiac - Rat

Brewer, Chef, High Functioning Alcoholic

Holly Amlin

Holly Amlin is a social media marketer and graphic designer based in Portland, Oregon. In fall of 2016, she founded PDXBeerGirl, a blog and instagram through which she explores Oregon beer culture. She also helms marketing for the Salem Ale & Cider Trail Passport, a joint project between the Salem Brewers Association and Travel Salem. Having grown up in Oregon, she enjoys the outdoors and traveling to see all the beauty that the state has to offer.

Kelly Hyder

Residing in the Willamette Valley, Kelly Hyder is an advertising executive for Oregon Beer Growler and Oregon Wine Press. Outside of the office, she enjoys running, baking, and local IPAs. For advertising queries (or to give her much-needed advice on fixing her kegerator) she can be reached at kelly@oregonbeergrowler.com

Amber McAlary

Amber McAlary is publication designer for Oregon Beer Growler, as well as part of a graphic artist team at a local publishing company, the News-Register. Native to Oregon, Amber enjoys exploring interesting features of the Pacific Northwest with family. When she’s not designing or sipping tasty brews, you might find her at the barre.

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